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Pregnancy and post partum can be very exciting periods for new moms and dads, but they can also feel scary and overwhelming. Post partum mental health disorders can begin while the mother is still pregnant and, if untreated, may extend for a year or more following the birth of a child. Fathers are also at risk of developing post partum disorders, as they are also adjusting to new roles and many changes. These disorders can consist of depression, anxiety, obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors, trauma and in very rare cases, psychosis. These disorders, with therapy and sometimes medication, can be managed and can allow you the opportunity to become the mother and father that you always wanted to be. ​

Pregnancy & Post Partum Mental Health

Holding Hands

Medical Family Therapy for Chronic Illness

 We work with families that have been diagnosed with chronic or more acute medical disorders and are experiencing emotional strain, anxiety or depression related to this. The medical community has proven that individuals and families who have received a medical diagnosis are at a greater likelihood to also experience anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders due to the strong mind-body connection. We provide a safe space for our clients to share their story or trauma, to grieve any losses that may have been incurred by their diagnosis, to feel supported through treatment and to work towards acceptance and making meaning of having the medical diagnosis.

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Couples Therapy

We work with couples experiencing difficulties including communication errors, problem solving difficulties, constant conflict, past trauma from within the relationship, affairs and more. We use an integrated approach consisting of EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), experiential and narrative therapies to assist these couples in learning effective communication and problem solving skills, so that we are then able to work through past trauma and enhancing the emotional intimacy within the couple again. As the therapist, we strive to remain neutral and unbiased throughout the process to assist the couple in focusing on the underlying issues and be able to reconnect and fall in love once again.

We also have vast experience working with couples who are not experiencing major difficulties but are instead seeking to continue improving or to preventatively work together in an effort to avoid major problems from arising in their relationship. This can include premarital counseling, counseling to ensure both partners are still on the same page and pre-parenthood counseling.

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Life Transitions

Encompassed in most of the work that we do as therapists, is being able to assist our clients in working through any difficult life transitions that they may be encountering. For some people, this may be a recent move, a breakup/divorce or a new medical illness diagnosis. For others it could be premarital counseling or grieving through a major loss in their life. In doing this, we work with these clients to identify what they would like for their life to look like at the end of our work together and utilize this goal to guide us through steps in adjusting to and accepting this new transition in their life. 

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