Life Transitions

Have you recently experienced a major change and are trying to find a way to adapt and move forward with your life? 

Maybe this transition is the result of relocating and you are missing the life that you had left behind. It could be due to changes in friendships or relationships that have recently ended or been altered, leaving you feeling alone or depressed. Perhaps you have experienced the death of a loved one and you are attempting to grieve and adapt to life without them, which is almost never an easy feat. Any transition that we undergo in life can leave us feeling unsettled and unsure of how to keep a positive outlook whilst trying to find our new path in life. 

Although transitions can be very difficult to cope with, I am here to help you get through them, strengthen yourself and truly thrive in your life. I have spent years helping individuals and couples to overcome major life changes. My specialities in this area include: 
  • Grief and loss

  • Changes in relationships

  • Relocation


Intake - $150 for a 50 minute session

50 minute individual or couples session - $130

90 minute individual or couples session - $185

Because I realize that you may want the cost of sessions to apply to your insurance deductibles,  I am happy to provide you with receipts that you may submit for reimbursement upon request.


I do presently accept Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Cigna insurance, although you should call your specific plan to verify that telehealth services are covered. Please see the FAQ page to find questions that you can ask insurance to determine eligibility. 

**Please note that I provide a 20 minute complimentary consultation for prospective clients, if requested. This time is used to help us get acquainted, help you become comfortable with the online format and to determine the best possible fit for your ongoing treatment. This is not a therapeutic consultation and does not replace the intake session. This, and all other sessions, can be arranged by contacting me.**

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